7 Space Saving Recommendations for Small-Size Kitchens

A kitchen that can accommodate all your appliances is an ideal choice. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to stack a double bowl sink, a six-burner stove or a sub-zero fridge to reap the full benefits of your kitchen. We are offering you seven amazing tips that will help you maximize space in your small kitchen without compromising your style. We believe a number of them will inspire you.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Is there any blank wall space in your small kitchen?

Instead of hanging up artwork or a calendar, utilize this space by installing a row of racks against the wall from the ceiling down to the floor.

Fold your towels over a bar, fix a magnetic knife rack for your knives, and use S-hooks to attach other kitchen tools. Apply the same idea for pots and pans. Painting the wall onto which you hang these utensils black will be good as it hides scuff marks and makes the organization feel more intentional.

Pullout Pantry

Even if you have no room for a good pantry, you can tuck a slim pullout even in the tightest zones. They help a great deal since they make even items that are far at the back readily accessible.

Cabinets to the Ceiling

Nothing can deter you from taking your cabinets up. Even though you can’t easily access the contents in the top cupboards, space comes in handy when you need extra storage space. Ceiling height cabinets also help by visually expanding the space.

Tuck Items Away Whenever Possible

Every space in your small kitchen needs to be used efficiently. Use double storage spaces and roll-out shelves since they are easy to reach. Consider a built-in thrash unit since it keeps the minimal floor space open. Keep the best items within reach and ditch the rest. Keep only the most commonly used kitchen items, your favorite glass set, your best knives, the most appealing teakettle, and so on. Be callous about purging the clutter. Most importantly, use acrylic and glass for tools you keep on display since transparent components make a room feel more voluminous.

No Door

Consider removing the door to your small kitchen. This will make the room feel much bigger. Better still, you can widen the opening or remove a wall. Opening up your kitchenette will not only add style to your room but also offer more space hence reducing the instances of two cooks bumping into each other.

Small Efficient Appliances

There are many appliances ranging from stoves to fridges that are available in small sizes. Top makers like Viking and Bertazzoni are skilled in making small-space models that even serious cooks find small but mighty.

Under-mount Sink and Single-Bowl Sink

Rather than a double-bowl sink, a single bowl sink will save on your counter space. Small-scale sinks also come in various fascinating styles, some that have a capacious feeling. You would save on more space if you go for an under-mount sink. This will enable you to eke out more space on the counter since the sink edges will be hidden.

If you apply these tips well, you will marvel at the amount of space you will end up saving in your small kitchen.

To your success!