7 Beautiful Bits for One-Of-A-Kind Kitchens

You spend a good bit of time in your kitchen—making meals, sorting groceries, even gathering people. With all the hours and energy you invest in this room, you might as well enjoy your surroundings.

If you want to set your kitchen apart from other rooms in your house and other houses on your street (counting these Toronto custom kitchen designs), consider the following one-of-a-kind pieces to include.

1. Pretty Plates

You might have inherited your grandmother’s china or found a set of charming salad plates in a thrift shop. Wherever your plates come from, you don’t have to reserve them for special occasions. Instead, showcase your favorite pieces by placing them on the wall or arranging them in glass front cabinets.

2. Fashionable Fridges

If you love a retro look, consider installing a vintage fridge. A quaint vintage appliance adds charm and a pop of color. Choose a pretty pastel, like light pink or mint green, or a bold hue, like fiery orange or lime green.

3. Disney Decor

For a whimsical and joyful atmosphere, add a dash of Disney to your kitchen. Use Disney-themed accessories like pots, pans, towels, and plates. For an eye-catching piece, install floating shelves with clusters of Disney figurines.

4. Tasteful Tables

Turn to the reclaimed barn wood for a truly unique table for your kitchen. You can add a mobile island to your prep area or a small table to your breakfast nook. The individualized color and texture of reclaimed wood will warm your kitchen in a way that’s entirely your own.

5. Antler Accents

Antler decor isn’t just for cabins; you can work them into a modern or eclectic design. Look for pieces with neutral bases and metal or colored accents. If you oppose hunting, take comfort knowing you can find manufactured decorations made from metal, plastic, wood, or even cardboard.

6. Shimmery Chandeliers

Add a touch of drama to your cooking area with a chandelier. You can choose an elaborate and decorative piece that creates an elegant feel. Or keep things modern and clean with geometric shapes and exposed light bulbs. Whatever option you choose, this statement piece will set your kitchen apart and bring in cozy lighting.

7. Stylish Shutters

Many homeowners love a kitchen with a window over the sink. But at times, you need some privacy. Instead of drawing the blinds, consider the cozy cottage feel of shutters. Install board-and-batten or louvered shutters depending on your desired look.

As you brainstorm your perfect kitchen, keep these ideas in mind. You can make your cooking area a more enjoyable place with simple additions like decorative figurines or as dramatic as a new appliance. With these beautiful pieces, you might find yourself choosing to stay in the kitchen even longer.