5 Easy Ways to Revamp your Kitchen

Sometimes all that is required to give your kitchen space a new life is some quick changes in accessories. In context with the same idea, this post will talk about some of the accessories that can easily be changed out in kitchens.

Cabinet hardware can give you the ability to update your home without spending a fortune. From cabinet knobs and pulls to decorative hinges and beyond, the selection of cabinet hardware is so versatile it offers you both service and style in one.

The next time a room in your home is starting to look run down, or you are just in the need for a change of pace, don’t lament the thousands of dollars it would take to renovate. Instead, for less than $100, exchange your cabinet hardware and update the entire face of the room.

Let me show you how….

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls –

Because this cabinet hardware is the most prominent feature, it is the easiest way to make a bold impression.

This category also has the widest range of design choices. The first thing you’ll want to do is narrow down your options to either cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls.

  • Cabinet knobs have the advantage of minimal mounting effort. With just one screw, your cabinet knobs are in place and functioning. You might also enjoy the light look and feel of more petite cabinet hardware.
  • On the other side, cabinet pulls offer more stability with two-screw mounting. What’s more, there is a larger selection of cabinet pulls on the market, so you can really express yourself with these. Next, you have to decide if you want novelty cabinet knobs and pulls or more traditional styles.
  • Novelty cabinet hardware spans the spectrum from playful animals to plump produce and loads in between. If you enjoy cooking, decorate your kitchen with snow peas, carrots, and strawberry shaped knobs and pulls. You can also use this entertaining hardware to incorporate a favorite pet or a hobby into your room décor. Try cabinet pulls and knobs in the form of a sweet kitten, basset hound, or trout.
  • If humor is not your goal, you can find your niche within the various patterns and designs available. Whether you are looking for sleek contemporary lines or elegant curves, cabinet knobs and pulls abound in every shape, size, and style imaginable.

Finally, the finish you choose will create the most outstanding impression. A set of cool black nickel knobs will say avant-garde, while warm chocolate bronze cabinet pulls are homey. Determine the mood that you want to set, and let the hardware finish do the rest.

Cabinet Backplates –

Backplates are the baubles of cabinetry, with a little twist.

Use these decorative items to enhance a simple cabinet face, adding elegance and beauty easily. For example, if you inherited Grandma’s old breakfront, dress it up with this hardware jewelry.

In addition to the attraction, cabinet backplates have another benefit inherent within them. Let this cabinet hardware hide scuffs, dents, and other imperfections on the surface of your cabinets, so no one will ever know they’re there.

This is an especially helpful device when installing cabinet pulls or knobs a different size than the original. Many knobs and pulls come with cabinet backplates attached, keeping everything coordinated, another great way to make a fashionable impression.

Cabinet Hinges –

These are what hold it all together; cabinet hinges are an integral component of the cabinet hardware family.

Whether you are looking for something decorative or strictly utilitarian, there are thousands of options in this category.

What type of cabinet frame you have will determine which hinges are right for you, so be sure to find that out before you start shopping. Don’t worry about narrowing your choices, though. Within each category of cabinet hinges, there are many options, including finish and size.

Appliance pulls –

Here is a piece of hardware that both the sophisticated as well as the contemporary homeowner will enjoy.

Attractive additions to any cabinet surface, appliance pulls help pull the entire room together, coordinating all the hardware in the room.

Just imagine the scene of a complete wall with corresponding cabinet hardware glowing back at you. Add the same wood paneling to your appliances, and the result is nothing short of captivating.

In addition, appliance pulls offer extra durability for heavy or large doors such as refrigerator doors and utility drawers.

Cabinet Locks and Latches –

Security with style, cabinet hardware also gives a modern edge with magnetic cabinet locks and easy catch latches.

If you have children or pets around your house, then you know how frustrating it can be to have little hands or paws where they don’t belong. Keep hazardous materials and delicate items out of reach from small children and pets with magnetic cabinet locks. They are easy to use and are discreetly concealed within the cabinet frame. Catch latches make life easier by ensuring that doors are closed securely, not left to lag open and unsecured.

Keep your home safe and neat with the proper cabinet locks.

There are so many options for the creative homeowner.

Use all of the cabinet accessory options or mix and match to get your own personalized style. Whatever you do, cabinet hardware is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your home. So what are you waiting for? Let fresh new cabinet hardware create the look you’ve always dreamed of today.

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